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Where there is smoke, there is fire!

Limit the risk of shock or fire and claiming Homeowners insurance with some helpful tips & advice on fire safety in your home.

Five top tips when claiming Household Insurance

Returning home to realise you had a home invasion can be scary. Household insurance brings you some relief when your valuables are replaced, hassle-free.

Ensure your building insurance cover is right for you

With uncertain times ahead, don’t be left with additional financial stress. #Rodel4U helps you understand building insurance cover

Avoid the financial stress of claiming excess

How can I avoid claiming excess?

Are you a new homeowner looking for household insurance?

Following the celebration of purchasing your new home, what is next?

Rodel4U always has you covered with your house insurance

Excess getting you down? Find out how Rodel4U covers you when you claim house insurance. There is nothing worse than the additional sting of paying your excess.

Household insurance ensures valuables & loved possessions are covered

How do I know everything is covered?

Is claiming excess breaking the bank?

The perfect solution for claiming excess to avoid breaking the bank

House insurance vs household contents cover

House insurance vs household contents cover. What’s the difference?

Top 5 benefits of Car insurance

What are the benefits of car insurance? Think protecting your precious cargo

Insurance claim

Suffered home invasion? Crime Victim Assist is there for you before your insurance claim.

No need to panic with your accident claim

No need to panic with your accident claim

Property damage cover and Homeowners Insurance After Fire Loss

Are you sufficiently insured against potential fires in your home?

How do excess payments work when you claim for car insurance?

Do you often get confused when making excess payments on your car insurance policy?

What is cyber insurance? We answer some important questions

What is cyber insurance? We answer some important questions

Why do South African companies need Cyber Insurance?

With the rise in cyber attacks, Are you covered?

Having car insurance will give you peace of mind

Having car insurance will give you peace of mind

Rodel 4U sheds light on Hijackings in South Africa

We, at Rodel4U, care about your safety. Giving you mindful tips to help prevent hijackings.

Protect yourself from smash & grabs & avoid an insurance claim

How to protect yourself from smash and grabs to avoid an Insurance Claim

What is an all-risk insurance policy, and do you need one?

What is an all-risk insurance policy?

Follow The Correct Way to Submit Car Accident Claims

follow our 6 simple steps to stop any stress later

What Does Comprehensive Coverage Mean For You And Your Asset?

Help protect your asset

Understand The Different Car Insurance Options Available

Get the right car insurance for your lifestyle

All The Ins and Outs of Household Insurance For You

All the Ins and Outs about Household Insurance

Make Claiming for Household Content Insurance Easy

Return your home to normal in no-time

Important things you must know when you claim house insurance

Don’t let unfortunate events find you unprepared.

Answers to your questions about third party claims

Everything you need to know about third party claims

How windscreen insurance works & what it covers

Understand what the real cost of a windscreen chip is.

All you need to Know About Claiming Excess

Discovering that you are not fully covered at the claim stage is frustrating.

5 tips for to make accident claims less daunting

Have the right information when you need to claim.

Personal Legal Responsibility/Liability & Third-Party Liability

Your complete guide to what your policy covers.

Household content insurance vs building insurance

What does #Rodel4U home content insurance cover?